1. No shipments will be made to any account, which will cause an account to exceed the established line of credit.

2. If an account exceeds the individual terms of an invoice, orders are subject to hold until the account is current.

3. A $35.00 handling charge is assessed to checks returned marked NSF.

4. A $25.00 Fee will be added to an invoice for any payment made by wire transfer.

5. Payment will be made in accordance with the terms so stated on each invoice including a charge of 1.5% interest charge per month for accounts 20 days past invoice date.

6. In the event of non-payment and the initiation of 3rd party collections and/or legal proceedings, the person, firm or corporation to whom an open account was extended agrees to bear all collection & legal expenses, plus a reasonable attorney’s fee. Seller, at its option, may also require that the venue of any legal action shall be in Randolph County, State of North Carolina.

7. If a purchase order is submitted by physical PO or equivalent email/fax/verbal communication, and a product and/or service is requested from Datamark Graphics, the company/customer is legally obligated to pay the invoice within terms of the invoice (stated on invoice).

8. Orders may not be canceled except upon terms that will compensate against loss.

9. If certain items/products are returned within time period on estimate/invoice, a restocking fee may be added to your account that must be paid within the stated terms.

10. Upon acceptance of any completed and approved credit applications, and the issuance of an open line of credit, the applicant agrees to abide by the credit policies of Datamark Graphics, Inc.

11. First orders are required to be paid by credit card or pre-payment. A copy of an invoice along with a receipt of payment will be sent to the contact listed on the credit application page, section 2.

12. All required paperwork must be completed and signed that is requested verbally, by email and within the credit packet prior to the processing of the first order.

13. Credit policies and terms are subject to change at the discretion of Datamark Graphics, Inc., with or without notice to customers.

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